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Site Director, Northeast Correctional Center (MO) – Correctional Education

The Site Director provides administrative support for the Ashland University Correctional Department for individuals who are incarcerated at these facilities.

  • Act as the liaison between the facility and Ashland University.
  • Work with the Associate Director of Programs to ensure the identification, screening and recruiting of students aligns with the Department goals.
  • Assists students with completion of admissions documents.
  • Assists students with financial aid processes, including FAFSA, etc.
  • Assists students with course registrations each semester.
  • With the Associate Director of Programs on projects enrollment goals and class sizes each semester.
  • Maintains site inventory of tablets, student textbooks and instructional supplies.
  • Distributes equipment and materials to students and maintain a record of what has been provisioned.
  • Maintains student privacy and record keeping according to the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).
  • Monitors attendance and faculty interaction with students.
  • Conducts and documents weekly meetings with individual students to review attendance, GPA, academic standards, academic progress, forms, etc.
  • Assists students with accessing extracurricular activities.

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