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Senior Director-Administration & Finance

The Director for Administration and Finance serves as the principal assistant to and primary representative of the VP for Administration and Chief Financial Officer (VPA &CFO) and maintains a highly visible leadership role that establishes and enhances partnerships with internal and external constituencies. He/she will provide advice and assistance to the VPA & CFO on matters pertaining to the division’s multifaceted business activities, and also will oversee a variety of initiatives, programs and projects. The incumbent also will provide strategic leadership and operational oversight to the Financial Reporting area of the University.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
Overall duties and responsibilities of the Director for Administration & Finance include the following:
 Acts for the VPA & CFO in his absence, including the coordination of administrative duties.
 Reviews and signs documents up to $5,000, including employee requisitions, employee action forms, purchasing documents and budget modification requests.
 Attends Board of Trustee (BOT) and BOT subcommittee meetings, initiates and provides input on issues affecting division functions, makes presentations on various topics, reviews information submitted by the division’s functional areas and prepares the presentations to the BOT.
 Represents the institution to the Ohio Board of Regents and Ohio Office of Budget and Management on budget matters, participates in statewide committees and initiatives, and facilitates involvement of the Budget Director in this regard.
 Works closely with divisional department directors and staff to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness.
 Integrates policies and procedures into Board-approved, University documents.
 Serves as University liaison with the Inter-University Council insurance subgroup.
 Develops initiatives, seminars, and workshops for University employees.
 Conducts research and development efforts on behalf of the VPA &‘CFO; prepares written summaries, recommendations and evaluations in this regard.
 Participates in various standing and ad hoc committees for the division, and creates and maintains related written records, as designated.
 Works closely with Grants Accounting, the Budget Office and the Controller, helping them to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness.
 Maintains current knowledge of developments and studies in the area of higher education and finance.
 Other duties assigned.
Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
 Outstanding interpersonal skills, including a can-do, optimistic attitude, with the ability to influence and build harmonious working relationships
 Demonstrated knowledge of financial planning, budget management, and accounting principles and regulations, as applied to State of Ohio institutions
 Demonstrated experience with institutional policies and procedures. regulations, and the environment within which they operate
 Demonstrated ability in directing and integrating business and finance operational programs; and demonstrated ability to develop and implement effective fiscal policies and financial controls
 Ability to create and illustrate complex financial reports, comparisons, impacts, and projections
 Strong oral and written communication skills
 Proficiency in Microsoft Office software (Excel, PowerPoint, and Word) Strong leadership and management skills; detail and results oriented
 High motivation with customer service orientation

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