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Research Teaching Specialist V

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey is seeking a Research Teaching Specialist V in Psychiatry Child Health Institute of NJ at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.

Under the direction of Dr. Mark Rossi, Principal Investigator, the Research Teaching Specialist (RTS) V will be responsible for the performance and analysis of specialized experiments focused on studying the involvement of the hypothalamus and associated brain regions in regulating feeding and obesity. The project is part of the lab’s goal to understand how the brain orchestrates motivated behavior and how it is altered in pathologies such as obesity, addiction, or eating disorders using in vivo calcium imaging, optogenetics, and electrophysiology.

The RTS is expected to have experience in conducting and analyzing scientific experiments involving rodent models and in neuroscience and cellular biology techniques, such as genotyping, survival surgery, histology, microscopy, electrophysiology, calcium imaging, or coding. The RTS will be responsible for maintenance and genotyping of the mouse colony and will assist with ongoing research projects in the lab. The RTS will also be responsible for ordering reagents and supplies as well as collaborating with the Principal Investigator in monitoring how the resources are used in the lab. The RTS is expected to maintain a high level of research competency, knowledge, and skills to perform duties assigned by the Principal Investigator.

In addition, the RTS will participate in lab meetings, research in progress seminars, and present at conferences. Applicant will assist in the preparation and writing of scientific manuscripts and grant applications, and in the management of the laboratory, including the training of new personnel and the direct oversight of student aids.

Among the key duties of this position are the following:

  • Maintain the mouse colony, including breeding, weaning, and genotyping.
  • Perform behavioral testing on mice and analyze associated data.
  • Perform survival surgery on mice.
  • Perform histological analysis of brain tissue with confocal microscopy.
  • Collect and analyze in vivo calcium imaging data.
  • Assist other lab members with ongoing projects.
  • Assist the Principal investigator in responding to lab safety audits at least twice a year.
  • Keeps up to date on the relevant literature in both peer-reviewed and preprint form.
  • Assists the Principal investigator with the preparation of manuscripts, grant applications and IACUC protocols.
  • Keeps clear and detailed records of procedures and experiments in accordance with laboratory guidelines; maintains data in
    shared and readily accessible locations. May be required to compile data and present results.

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