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Post Doc of Human Dimensions of Chronic Wasting Disease

This is a two-year position working on a study funded by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources that seeks to develop strategies for effective communication and cooperation with landowners, hunters, and other partners of GADNR to the minimize risk of Chronic Wasting Disease in Georgia’s white-tailed deer population. The specific research objectives are to determine perceptions, motivations, and preferences of landowners, hunters, and other partners of GADNR relative to white-tailed deer management in Georgia to minimize risks associated with CWD, and to differentiate strategies for communication and cooperation among stakeholder groups for implementation of management actions aimed at managing risks associated with CWD. The postdoctoral researcher will design and oversee the study in collaboration with Drs. D’Angelo and Boley. The methods for the study will likely include a large-scale survey of landowners and hunters with the use of discrete choice modeling to identify the most appropriate strategies to effectively engage different stakeholder groups. The postdoctoral researcher will be responsible for development of research questions, survey design, data collection, data analysis, and technical writing for preparation of scientific manuscripts. The postdoctoral researcher will be supervised by Drs. Gino D’Angelo and Dr. Bynum Boley at University of Georgia and will be expected to work closely with other research collaborators within the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

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