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Post Doc Associate

Dr. Chi Chen’s lab at Rutgers’ Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources (DEENR) is seeking a Post Doctoral Associate interested in the broad area of terrestrial ecosystem dynamics. Using a combination of ground-based, remote sensing and numerical model simulated data, the successful candidate will lead research on 1) developing new remote sensing theories and algorithms to monitor regional to global vegetation activities; 2) identifying and constraining key processes of how vegetation interacts with the terrestrial carbon, water, and energy cycles; and 3) understanding the drivers (including anthropogenetic and natural) and climatic consequences of regional to global ecosystem dynamics.
Dr. Chen’s research on ecosystem dynamics aims to benefit land management practices and provide guidance for nature-based climate solutions, including but not limited to cooling surface temperatures, enhancing net terrestrial carbon sink, securing food/agriculture production, improving urban planning, and protecting the terrestrial ecosystem under climate change and human activities.