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Instructor for Peer Instructor Education Course

The Learning Centers are seeking experienced college teachers with a strong interest in and commitment to active learning to teach the Peer Instructor Education course for Spring 2021. Students who enroll in this course are working as Peer Leaders who foster collaborative and active learning environments for undergraduates in a variety of classes. To model this educational setting, the Peer Instructor Education course is run in a flipped classroom model with class time focused on discussions and activities rather than direct instruction. If you feel that active learning is an effective learning environment, are passionate about peer instruction, have a graduate degree and experience teaching at the college level, please consider applying to join our team!

A degree in education and experience teaching in an active learning setting is strongly preferred. A background in a STEM field (such as computer science, engineering, mathematics) is preferred. The course meets for 3 hours once a week; scheduling is somewhat flexible and we can work around full-time employment schedules in most cases. Instructors will be paid as part-time lecturers or co-adjuncts at the standard rate for a 3-credit course.

This course introduces Peer Leaders to pedagogy and learning theory; the current syllabus is posted here: This is a multi-section coordinated course where instructors teach from a standard syllabus and are required to meet each week to discuss the course progress and lesson plans. Grading responsibilities are shared across all sections to ensure consistency. There will be two summer planning retreats to prepare for the fall semester.

Please provide your resume, cover letter, and teaching philosophy statement in your application. Additional information, such as student feedback, past lesson plans, or educational research, may also be included but are not required.

Travel to multiple campuses within Rutgers New Brunswick may be necessary.

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