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Extension Specialist I – Technology & Public Relations

  • Conduct educational programs: Plan and conduct workshops, demonstrations, presentations, training courses, and special events to stimulate interest and provide training in related areas.
  • Write publications: Research and write press releases, public service announcements, and advertisements about UVI-SOA operations and programs.
  • Develop publications: Develop UVI-SOA bulletins, press releases, advertisements, facts sheets, pamphlets, articles, books, newsletters, magazines, reports, and other materials for publication.
  • Serve as photographer: Operate digital and video camera equipment to photograph UVI-SOA employees, students, and events. Maintain file photos and recordings for use by UVI-SOA. Provide photos and recordings to mass media and others upon request.
  • Make exhibits: Coordinate the planning and designing of exhibits and displays to illustrate UVI-SOA programs at fairs, conferences, and other public events.
  • Monitor news: Monitor news and information of interest to UVI-SOA in mass media. Maintain file recordings and news clippings. Advise UVI-SOA officials about sensitive and controversial issues. Invite the news media to UVI-SOA programs and events.
  • Edits publications. Receives UVI-SOA materials for publication in the draft form.
  • Edits materials to correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned.