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Clinical Nursing Instructor

 | To teach students during the clinical and/or laboratory portion of nursing courses for the School of Nursing. The Instructor is responsible for assisting the student to achieve clinical and course objectives, provide clinical supervision, continuous assessment and administer clinical examinations.
 The educational activities of the clinical instructor are course-specific at various settings, including clinical placement in primary, secondary and/or tertiary health care settings; simulations experiences in the clinical laboratory on-campus; seminars and pre-and post-conferences.
 Direct oversight of the Instructor is provided by the Course Coordinator. Essential Functions include:
 -Direct the learning of students in clinical nursing;
 -Provide direct supervision and evaluation of nursing students delivering nursing care to an individual or group of individuals;
 -Provide scheduled skills assistance and tutoring
 -Plan student assignments in conjunction with the Course Coordinator
 -Develops and posts written clinical assignments consistent with student’s knowledge base, skills competence and individual learning needs;
 -Evaluate student performance consistent with the course objectives and evaluation criteria. This includes evaluation of clinical care provided, technical skills performed, lab assignments and clinical paperwork (care plans and other written work);
 -Provides documented feedback to students on level of performance based on course and clinical objectives in a timely manner;
 -Attend meetings deemed necessary to facilitate the education program and course objectives;
 -May teach didactic course content under supervision of course coordinator;
 -Collaborate with course coordinator to develop and evaluate the course.
 -Be available to teach assigned scheduled course time: day, evening or weekend at the assigned clinical site and/or on campus
 -Assumes responsibility for all autonomous aspects of individual teaching load
 -Orients and maintains current knowledge related to agency/clinical policies, procedures, and expectations with the assistance of the agency/clinical personnel;
 -Keeps course coordinator informed of all student and agency issues and concerns;
 -Serves as a professional role model for other staff, and students in the areas of customer service, collaboration, communication, excellence, dress, attendance, and general professionalism.
 -Utilizes relationship building skills in situations requiring tact in interpersonal interactions; interprofessional collaboration; problem solving, conflict resolution and consensus building
 -Complies with all applicable regulatory rules and standards;
 -Handles related duties as required.