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Associate Director, Sorin Society (Sorin 175 and Gold)

The Associate Director is a key member of the Annual Giving team at one of the nation’s leading universities. The Associate Director will lead and grow SORIN 175 and Sorin Gold, the premier giving levels within the Sorin Society which consists of benefactors who give unrestricted dollars annually to Notre Dame. The role will focus on three critical areas: developing a strategic growth plan for SORIN 175 and Sorin Gold through research and data analysis; generating marketing materials and experiences that will grow the overall attractiveness of SORIN 175 and Sorin Gold; and building relationships with internal and external partners to influence fundraising.

  • Build relationships and optimize stewardship with current SORIN 175 and Sorin Gold members.
  • Analyze and interpret data and information from various sources to detail SORIN 175 and Sorin Gold’s progress toward our annual fundraising goal.
  • Reach out individually to fundraisers and benefactors who are late on their renewals or who have the potential to be upgraded.
  • Create materials such as impact reports, sell sheets, and quarterly reports.
  • Prepare reports and presentations to communicate SORIN 175 and Sorin Gold updates to senior leadership.
  • Collect stories and produce storytelling materials to communicate SORIN 175 impact to distribute to fundraisers.
  • Monitor budgets, expense reports, and other financial data.
  • Develop experiences and events that lead to greater engagement with current donors and the acquisition of new donors.
  • Oversee the SORIN 175 mentorship program.

  • Developing Objectives and Strategies – Establishing long-term goals and specifying data, metrics, timelines, and resources needed to achieve them. This includes analyzing and interpreting data and information from various sources. This also includes preparing reports and presentations to communicate updates to senior leadership.
  • Establishing and Maintaining Interpersonal Relationships — Developing constructive and cooperative working with campus partners and Notre Dame Development fundraisers. Most importantly, these relationships should influence fundraising by identifying areas of opportunity and influencing the best ways to make a Sorin Society ask. These relationships should also provide additional avenues of engagement for Sorin Society members on campus.
  • Communicating with Benefactors – Communicating with people outside the organization, representing Notre Dame in a way that aligns with our mission to current and potential benefactors. This includes building relationships with current SORIN 175 and Sorin Gold members, overseeing the strategic planning and execution of direct mail and digital marketing campaigns targeting new and existing donors, and collecting stories and producing storytelling materials through the website, newsletters, social media, and other ms.
  • Stewardship and Events – Optimize our stewardship journey for SORIN 175 and Sorin Gold members. Influence experiences, events, and other opportunities they can take advantage of on campus.
  • Getting Information — Observing, receiving, and otherwise obtaining information from all relevant sources. Knowledge of data analysis and the ability to tell stories from data and information received.

Work environment:
This role is eligible for hybrid work and is based in South Bend, Indiana. Our current work requires being in the office three days a week. This role is typically 40 hours/week but will require additional hours during home Notre Dame Football games and during our annual Day of Giving, Notre Dame Day. Travel is expected 1-2 times per year.
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