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Assistant Professor/Clinical Coordinator, Physician Assistant Program

Gannon University is committed to excellence in student-centered learning with an emphasis on student-learning outcomes. The faculty work collaboratively with colleagues, deliver instruction, advise students, engage in scholarly activities in keeping with the Boyer Model of Scholarship as is appropriate to the application and receipt of tenure and promotion at Gannon, and engage in University, professional, and community service activities. Individuals in this position must be able to support and promote the University’s inclusive Mission, its Catholic identity, and its liberal arts and professional education traditions.

This position is within the Physician Assistant Program located at the Erie, PA campus at Gannon University. Responsibilities of this position include assisting with clinical learning experiences of students according to established standards, advising and lecturing within the program, examination development, providing research/project guidance to graduate-level students, and providing service to the University, community and PA profession.


The functions below are detailed in the faculty handbook in Volume IV of the Institutional Policy Manual.

1. Teach 24 to 27 credit hours in the academic year or as otherwise specified by the faculty member’s appointment notice; student course evaluations are to be completed in each course. Faculty are expected to employ sound pedagogical practices and to use technology as appropriate, including the University’s learning management system. Faculty shall assist with course revisions and curriculum development as needed.

2. Achieve appropriate student-learning outcomes in all courses taught.

3. Engage in scholarly pursuits pertinent to their academic discipline. Scholarship, as defined by the Boyer model, includes The Scholarship of Discovery, The Scholarship of Integration, The Scholarship of Application, The Scholarship of Teaching, and The Scholarship of Engagement.

4. Participate in service to the University, the community and to their profession. Attend convocations, commencement exercises, and community meetings.

5. Participate in ongoing professional development.

6. Assist, advise, and mentor students enrolled in the University.

7. Fulfill the essential duties and responsibilities of a faculty member as described in Volume IV of the Gannon University Institutional Policy Manual, which contains the approved policies and procedures of the University concerning the terms and conditions of faculty employment at the University.

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