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Assistant Director for Marauder Leadership and Engagement

Job Summary:
This position will provide leadership and administration for the Marauder Leadership and Engagement office at Central State University. The Assistant Director develops, implements, and manages student leadership, student success initiatives, civic engagement/ community service activities, and general student life. Creates and implements activities which enhance the holistic student development process of CSU students. The Assistant Director oversees and advises all student organizations, such as Student Government Association as supervised by the Director of Marauder Leadership and Engagement (MLE). Assists students and other departments to ensure quality in all student services functions. Conducts on-going student satisfaction reviews, assessments and collaborates with other department in programmatic efforts, maintains current knowledge in the field of student affairs/ student services. 

Job Description:

  • The Assistant Director will work closely with the Director of MLE to create, implement and promote a wide variety of activities and leadership programs to broaden student development and promote student success;
  • Responsible for planning, developing and implementing a comprehensive campus wide Marauder Leadership and Engagement program, including entertainment, recreation, social events, speakers, special events, excursions, advising student programming groups, student organizations;
  • Create and implement programs that enhance student knowledge of identity development and cultural competencies;
  • Conducts evaluation and assessment of services and programs;
  • Develops purposeful and ongoing relationships with various campus and community partners.
  • Designs and implements programs that support students’ personal development and growth
  • Develops and implements co-curricular programs that engage and encourage students to apply integrate knowledge acquired in both curricular and co-curricular settings
  • Collaborates with campus committees to advance Student Affairs and Enrollment Management initiatives through partnerships with faculty, administrators, staff and students
  • Works with advisory committees and task forces to review policies and procedures that improve the delivery of services. Encourages student participation in policy development
  • Designs, implements and conducts research on student interests, needs, and other issues as it relates to student development theory
  • Disseminates information to academic and student services administrators, faculty and students
  • Prepares various reports and documents as requested on student populations
  • Serves on University Committees as necessary to represent the Student Affairs
  • Assist in the planning, implementation, and assess new student orientation (Pirate Week), Welcome Week, Welcome Back Week, Student Homecoming Events, Spring Fest and other events
  • Prepare goals and objectives, annual reports and documents long range plans
  • Charged with shaping the physical and psychological programs focusing on learning and development outcomes of knowledge acquisition, effective community engagement, intrapersonal development, interpersonal competence, humanitarianism and civic engagement, multi-cultural and cultural competency, and recreation.
  • Other duties as assigned

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